Jewellery should always be a pleasure, and with a few simple precautions your Ronin jewellery should remain in good condition. Many gemstones have taken millions of years to form so it is not surprising they appreciate a little care!

We recommend that you remove your jewellery when undertaking domestic or manual work and also when bathing or swimming. The chemicals in some perfumes, cosmetics, hairsprays etc. can affect the lustre of some gems (pearls are particularly susceptible to this) so get into the habit of putting on your jewellery last.

Keeping your jewellery individually boxed will ensure the gemstones do not get scratched or fade if left in strong light.

We recommend cleaning the silver-plated components of your jewellery with a silver polishing cloth, avoiding the gemstones as much as  possible. Use a barely damp cloth to clean the gemstones. 

With a lot of wear and/or heavy contact with cosmetic products the silver plating can wear off, exposing the brass base metal. Please note that a silver polishing cloth will not restore the silver if this happens.